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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

'Guardians of the Galaxy' May Get a Franchise After-All!

Today Disney CEO Bob Iger spoke about Marvel's upcoming space adventure Guardians of the Galaxy (via Comic Book Movie) as well as confirming Captain America 3's release date for 2016. He mentions that Guardians of the Galaxy was just screened last week and has a very strong possibility in being a full franchise:
"This August 1st, we’re looking forward to introducing the world to more fantastic Marvel storytelling, with a great cast of new characters in Guardians of the Galaxy, which we screened last week and we believe it has strong franchise potential,"
He then goes onto talk about the interesting date battle between marvel and DC. Currently Captain America 3 and Batman vs Superman both are going to open May 6th, 2016 which Bob Iger confirms Marvel still plans on releasing their film:
"Captain America: The Winter Soldier has far surpassed the first Captain America in total global box office, which obviously bodes well for our Avengers franchise," said Robert Iger. "We’ve had enormous success releasing Marvel movies on the first weekend of May, including the two biggest domestic openings of all time. And we’ll continue this tradition with the Avengers Age of Ultron next year and Captain America 3 in 2016. Avengers Age of Ultron is currently shooting an early footage and looks great."
He then lastly mentions the ever growing success of Marvel's recent films. From Captain America: The Winter Soldier to the upcoming Avengers sequel. He does admit he doesn't expect Guardians of the Galaxy to make "Avengers" money but that's certainly a goal:
"Marvel is, as far as we're concerned, is just getting started. The results of Captain America, though I think are very, very telling, because when you look at the film that is approaching almost $700 million in global box office, I think $680 million, and you compare that to Captain America 1, which did under $400 million worldwide and even look at it versus Thor movies, a few of the Iron Man movies, you're looking at a film that has actually done substantially better than a lot of the Marvel films that we put out. Now, it was a great film, but it's clear that momentum is building for that franchise and with Avengers 2 in production and coming up and characters from Avengers still very much in favor with audiences, I think there is huge potential there. In addition to that, we've got a new film, Guardians of the Galaxy coming out August 1 in the United States this summer, which we've seen, I mentioned in my comments. We feel quite good about that too. That's a whole other Marvel realm or universe in terms of where it takes place, the characters that populate it and the stories that you can tell for those characters. So, I think, I'm not going to predict that we've got another Avengers on our hands, but that's certainly the goal." 
Guardians of the Galaxy hits this August

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