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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Arrow to Cameo on 'The Flash' Pilot; Premieres Tuesday's this Fall

Today, Arrow star Stephen Amell confirms in a recent interview with TV Guide the Arrow will indeed cameo in the series premiere of The Flash this Fall on the CW:
"In the Flash pilot, Barry comes to me. [It's a] little snippet in the Flash pilot where he and I share a scene together, it's in his pilot, but [filming] it felt like our show because he's coming to Starling City. That, to me, was one of the most rewarding things that I did as an actor because it was essentially the same crew that we used for our pilot, and it was two years later and it was the same director. It was like going back in time. [Flash and Arrow director] David Nutter asked me to be a part of the pilot and I will never say no to David Nutter."
He goes onto tell the website that since the two shows share the same universe it would be insane not to have crossover events between the Arrow and The Flash:
 "We'd be insane if we didn't do crossover stuff. I don't know that it has to be an event or big moments, but the shows share a universe, and not utilizing that fact would be insane. I'm sure that we will at some point."
Lastly, The Flash has been announced that it will debut on Tuesday's this Fall on The CW. (Also, no it won't class with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D!)

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