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Friday, April 25, 2014

RUMOR: Jason Momoa Already Signed Onto 'Batman vs Superman'?

Here we go again. Late last year both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter both reported that Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa had entered negotiations to be cast in Batman vs Superman. Rumors started to swirl on possible DC characters like Lobo or Vandal Savage. But then he was also rumored to be Aquaman in this brand new DC Cinematic Universe. Momoa was then quickly interviewed by IGN on these rumors to which he simply laughed off question saying its nothing more then a rumor.

Then, the bomb struck that Batman vs Superman was pushed back 10 months to May 2016. So everything on casting got real quiet until yesterday when Cyborg was announced to make an appearance! Now the guys over at Batman-News is claiming that Jason Momoa did indeed sign onto Batman vs Superman for an unspecified role!
"According to my source, Momoa signed the dotted line and joined the Batman vs. Superman cast a couple of months ago. There’s no word yet on who Momoa will be playing, but previous rumors have tied him to Aquaman. I’m labeling this as a rumor for now, but I feel that this information is accurate based on who I got it from."
Of course this is coming from a fan blog not one of the trade here we wait for any confirmation.

Batman vs Superman hits May 2016

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