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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rogue and 3 Other Secret Mutants To Cameo in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'

Today, the guys over with Vulture got word from FOX that despite early reports director Bryan Singer made with cutting Rogue out of X-Men: Days of Future Past she will indeed be in there! They even have the entire scene she will be in. Its more of an cameo instead of a full scene.

:: Minor Spoilers ::
"While Wolverine is gallivanting around in the past with the X-Men: First Class cast, though, Kitty Pryde is injured, and her future hold on Wolverine becomes tenuous. In order to preserve the time travel bond, then, the X-Men must find Rogue, who has the ability to absorb any mutant power. Unfortunately, Rogue is being held prisoner at Xavier Mansion, which has been transformed into a Sentinel-guarded military base, and the mission to find and rescue her — an expensive, lengthy sequence that involves Professor X, Magneto, and Iceman (Shawn Ashmore) — was sliced from the film in postproduction after Fox executives worried it would pad the running time to over two and a half hours. Rogue is still brought in briefly to absorb Kitty's power and tend to Wolverine, but the machinations to get her there will now happen offscreen."
 The site went onto also mention that 3 secret mutants from the original trilogy are set to make an appearance as well! They add "to even hint at their identities would reveal a major spoiler."First, early last month we got a rumor that Kelsey Grammer (X-Men: The Last Stand) had come in to do a secret cameo as future Beast. This idea contradicts the most recent trailer when young Beast (Nicholas Hoult) asks Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) if in the future he is alive in which Wolverine bluntly answers "No". Unless of course the timelines change then Beast may very well be alive after the events of Days of Future Past! Which gives us two cameos left. They could include Tyler Mane (Sabertooth), Aaron Stanford (Pyro), Ben Foster (Angel), and of course James Marsten (Cyclops) & Famke Janssen (Jean Grey)! I think we all hope its the last two....

X-Men: Days of Future Past smashes into theaters May 23rd

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