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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Marvel Studios Co-Own 'The Kingpin' for the 'Daredevil' Series

Several days ago one of the Jake Lester over at Comic Book Therapy asked a great question on Twitter about who owns The Kingpin. It was revealed last year that when Kingpin was used in 2004's Daredevil feature film, he was actually "loaned" to FOX by Sony since he is actually under the Spider-Man contract banner.

Well, the guys on IGN decided to ask Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige about who actually owns The Kingpin himself. It turns out Marvel and Sony get to use to Kingpin! "Kingpin we either have or somehow share." Along the lines of how FOX and Marvel is allowed to use Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch.

They also went onto ask about if Elektra came over with Daredevil since their were several rumors saying she was not apart of the Daredevil banner. Lucky for you Elektra fans she is at Marvel Studios as well! Unfortunately Namor is another story...
"No, Namor I think is a little complicated, the way some of them are.  Elektra I think we have. I think that was part of Daredevil, and that's clean and simple."
Daredevilis headed to Netflix!

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