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Friday, April 18, 2014

'Fantastic Four' & the 'X-Men' Won't Crossover Anytime Soon

Last year when comic book writer Mark Millar was announced as the "godfather" of sorta for FOX he went onto state that a new reboot on the Fantastic Four franchise will occur and will be in the same cinematic universe as FOX's other property the X-Men. Then just last month FOX announced plans for a sequel to the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot a year before its first installment was released. They also announced a mystery "untitled FOX" film for 2018 which made many assume it was an X-Men vs Fantastic Four title.

Now the guys over at Schmoes Know have learned that unfortunately the first couple Fantastic Four films won't have any crossover's with the X-Men even though they are in the same universe:  
"According to a well placed source of ours close to the production of FF, Fox has NO PLANS to cross the universes together. That’s right, we can finally put the rumors to rest. It ain’t happening. At least… not yet. According to our source, Fox REALLY wants FANTASTIC FOUR to stand on its own without having to bring in some X-Men to help the movie along. Our source confirms there’s not even a whisper of this happening because, as mentioned, Fox wants FF to do well enough to warrant another sequel and then another and so on and so forth."
Now at first this sounds very disappointing not seeing the FOX universe be used to it's full cinematic  potential. But if you look very carefully this isn't all that surprising.  FOX simply wants to establish it's new stand alone Fantastic Four films before Wolverine comes into the same movie. Marvel Studios first established Captain America, The Hulk, Thor and two full Iron Man films before we got the crossover movie of the year in The Avengers.

So, in actuality this was all to be expected over at FOX. Expect several more X-Men movies (With solo spin-offs having no relation to the Fantastic Four) and a couple Fantastic Four movies before a crossover ever happens. This also doesn't mean references, easter eggs and name drops won't happen! So that's always something to look forward to...

X-Men: Days of Future Past hits this May; Fantastic Four hits Summer 2015

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