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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ben Affleck Headed To Detroit This Weekend for 'Batman vs Superman'

Tonight on The Jimmy Fallon Show (via Man of Steel Fanpage) actress Jennifer Garner revealed that her husband Ben Affleck our brand new Bruce Wayne is leaving this Friday for Detroit! That means he will meet up with Henry Cavill who has already been there for several months to finally start work on Batman vs Superman!

Actress Jennifer Garner ~ Jimmy Fallon's... by HumanSlinky

She also revealed in a separate interview that Ben Affleck has been working out so much for this role he currently has 17-inch Biceps just for the film. Which would certainly make him the biggest Batman we have yet to see on screen.

Lastly, it seems Michael Wilkinson the costume designer on Batman vs Superman is also headed to Detroit....Maybe we will finally get Wonder Woman's and Batman suit reveals soon!
Batman vs Superman hits May 2016

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