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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Script Page From 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron'!

A month or so ago when shooting began on The Avengers: Age of Ultron we were contacted by an extremely reliable source from the Johannesburg, South Africa set. If some of you remember the set featured none other then The Hulk smashing though the African city.

Well, given how secretive the filming is and how extremely tight security is only the daily shooting scripts are handed out to the cast and crew for that days shooting. This means getting a full copy of the script is near impossible. Thanks to our extremely reliable contact that goes by the alias The Predator (I guess he likes the movie Predator) got us a page from that days shooting!

Apparently the entire time when filming outside was going on with The Hulk smashing the city, a 2nd Unit filming was taken place on a secret sound stage in Johannesburg with none other then Captain America (Chris Evans) and Bruce Banner/The Hulk  (Mark Ruffalo).

 Never-the-Less our source nabbed and scanned a page from that days script hand out! It comes from actor Mark Rufflo's copy of the script....lets hope he doesn't get some repercussions from this mishap.


This all took place at the Q-Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa . Here is a little about the sound stage to show its legitimacy. You can find more at their ProductionHub website
Q-Studios is a Television, Film and Photographic studio facility comprising 6 large studios - from 900 sq.m to 500 sq.m– all under one roof, with Unit 7 (150 sq.m) alongside.

Centrally situated on a 30 000 sq.m – plus parcel of land in a prime position in Kew, bounded by London Road, Alexandra to the North, 10th Road Kew to the South and 4th Avenue to the West, they are certainly amongst the biggest studios in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province.

Two Units are currently operating as film/television/commercial studios and a third as a stills photographic studio.

Unit1- 900 sq.m with large cyclorama(not yet soundproofed) and Sound Stage 2 - 700 sq.m (recently comprehensively soundproofed). 

:: Source :: - The Predator

This is an April Fools joke!

The Avengers: Age of Ultron hits May 2015

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