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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Roy Harper to Become 'Arsenal' on Arrow Not Speedy; Confirms 'Harley Quinn'

Today while speaking with Collider Arrow creator Marc Guggenheim admits several things. Harley Quinn is indeed in Arrow, The Huntress may get a spin-off comic from her time away from Arrow and lastly Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) will eventually become Arsenal since he doesn't like the nickname "Speedy":
COLLIDER: What was your intention with calling Roy by the Speedy nickname in Episode 17? 

GUGGENHEIM: We did it because we want to keep inching Roy towards an Arsenal place. One of the runnings gags is that he keeps getting called Speedy and says, “I don’t like that nickname. Come up with another nickname for me.” When the time is right, eventually the nickname that will stick will be Arsenal, but the time has to be right.

He then goes onto say how he was blown away by the fan excitement two weeks ago when we got a back shot of what looked like Harley Quinn.
COLLIDER: How prepared were you for the Harley Quinn rumors? 

GUGGENHEIM: Completely unprepared. For one thing, we didn’t expect it to end up in the promo, so we were caught a little off guard, on that front. Andrew was very much like, “I totally knew people would lose their minds.” And I was like, “Really?!” I did not expect people to lose their minds the way they did, but I was very glad. So, Andrew was a lot more prepared than I was. 

 Arrow will premiere on The CW

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