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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Miles Teller Talks FANTASTIC FOUR Casting & Advice From DIVERGENT Co-Stars

About a week ago, the movie site, Bleeding Cool, posted an article in which an "inside source" confirmed that Fox's Fantastic Four reboot has been completely shut down and has gone back to the drawing boards. This rumour was debunked by both Fox and Bleeding Cool hours after it was originally posted.

Anywho, earlier today, Clevver Movies sat down with Divergent stars, Jai Courtney (who will play Kyle Reese in Alan Taylor's Terminator: Genesis) and Miles Teller (who will obviously play Mr Fantastic in Fox's Fantastic Four reboot). In a small interview, the actor discusses the casting and how some people have reacted pretty negatively. Teller remarked "Well, you I know, I think when a lot of these comic books were made, the world was a different place," Teller continued, "There was a really narrow focus on who could be what, and you know hopefully the people who are critiquing it, go see it anyway." 

Teller was then asked a few questions relating more to the plot of the film, when asked if Susan Storm and Reed Richards will have a relationship, Teller replied, "Well, we will have a relationship in the film [laughs] that people will get and understand." While Teller is under contract, not to discuss the film yet, you can check out the rest of the interview below.

The Fantastic Four begins shooting next month.

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