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Friday, March 14, 2014

RUMOR: Leaked Description For The 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Trailer

Last week we learned the very first trailer for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot will debut in front of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Well now apparently a user on 4Chan has posted what seems to be the first description of that trailer online!

They first out by praising the trailer and the look of our favorite turtles
Oh my god it was great. Not the next Last Airbender by far. Jonathan Liebesmann seriously has his shit together with this. Only thing I can complain about is that there was barely any Shredder. The trailer gave me a Batman Begins kinda feel, as to where it seemed a lot darker than what we've seen before, probably on the level of the first movie in 1990.. 

Again its from 4Chan so take with a grain of salt...but they have been correct on some random things in the past.
We open to a shot of NYC at night.

We see quick shots of police cars chasing a lone semi truck. >cut to black >we hear the voice of Master Splinter: "You must never reveal yourselves to the ones outside on the surface."

We get a quick shot of a large, brutish figure running forward on a building rooftop, quickly leaping over an alley.

Black. "For if they are to discover the truth, they will not understand what you are"

We get a shot of the figure landing in front of the windshield of the semi and breaking the windshield open.

Black "They will have fear of you. That is why you must always keep yourselves concealed."

Finally, we see the semi truck stopped completely. The police cars drive up behind it and stop. The cops get out.

Their headlights illuminate the open back of the semi, revealing five members of the foot clan knocked out cold and hanging from the ceiling.

The look on the first cops face basically says "what the fuck am I looking at?"

We cut to black and open on the four turtles, shrouded in darkness and we can barely see them, sitting in front of Master Splinter, who's hair is grey instead of brown. Splinter asks "Do you understand, my sons?"

Leonardo looks up and says "Yes, Master Splinter"

We see Megan Fox's April O'Neil looking through the fence at night like we saw in the set photos. We hear a voice ask "Can you tell me what happened?"

We cut to black again and we see her in what looks like the middle of a very dark factory on the floor with several foot clan soldiers standing over her, rifles in their hands. She replies "...something saved me"

She looks absolutely terrified.

Suddenly, Raphael lands in between the foot clan soldiers and April and whips out both Sais. He gives the foot soldiers a grin and-

We cut to black again.

We hear a growling, badass voice. We all know exactly who this is. "I want them found. I want them brought to me."

Music starts up around here. It's only drums, but it's badass. It starts out slow, but gets much faster.

We see a shot of Mikey and Donatello walking in the sewers, Don with his bowstaff resting on his shoulder.

We hear the voice again "They cannot hide from us."

A group of foot clan soldiers walk through the sewers with their rifles trained forward.

"I will exterminate them...every last one" (This sounded fucking scary, the voice is awesome. It sounded pretty cliche, but the voice just totally makes it believable.)

Finally, we see him: The Shredder. He steps out of shadows and looks forward. He throws his arm downward and two blades pop out of his wrist armor.


We get our montage here. From what I can remember, we get to see Raphael chasing what I'm pretty sure is Karai on a rooftop, Will Arnett's character grinning at April inside her office, the turtle van, Baxter Stockman (pre mutation), Leo dueling foot soldiers in the middle of some high tech room, a motorcycle landing on top of a semi truck in the middle of a snowy forest during a chase, and the turtles captured from the set video that was released back in august. There's more, I just can't remember.

During the montage it says "HEROES" "IN" "A" "HALFSHELL" in between shots.

Finally, we get our title card. "TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES" and "SUMMER"
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hits this August!

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