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Friday, March 14, 2014

Is the 'Red Hood' Finally Headed to 'Arrow'?!

Back late last year The CW released a small riddle for upcoming Arrow episodes. One of the lines read "Not all Hoods are Green". Instantly, many fans wished and prayed that this might mean Jason Todd's Red Hood (The second Robin) was finally headed to Starling City.

Then everything got quite on that front. Yes Steven McQueen of The Vampire Dairies on numerous occasions was campaigning for Dick Grayson's Nightwing (The first Robin) to appear on Arrow. Even Bludhaven has been established in the Arrow universe. Of course if the second Robin exists surly the first Robin must exist as well correct?

Now today Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim after many weeks of the title of episode 19 titled being hidden released the title of the episode!
He also was asked what the episode would be about. He tweeted something but quickly deleted it cause it gave way to much away.

Of course as most DC fans know Batman and the Bat-Family has been completely off limits to TV as far back as Smallville. Now that Arrow is basically using every Batman rouge it was only a matter of time before Bat-family characters showed up. The CW already got permission to use The Huntress who is retuning in the Birds of Prey episode.....maybe we will get Red Hood also?! And maybe someday even Nightwing.

Lastly, the finale of season two is titled "Seeing Red" could this mean a cameo from Red Hood, The Flash (Grant Gustin) and Roy Harper finally taking up the mantle of Red Arrow?! Of course this is all speculation..

Big thanks to @dcumoviepage for the heads up!
Arrow premieres on The CW every Wednesday

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