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Saturday, March 15, 2014

DC Cinematic Universe Entire Timeline Including 'Arrow' and 'Gotham' TV Shows

Many fans have wondered the ultimate DC question. Will The CW's Arrow and Flash be connected to the events of Man of Steel and eventually Batman vs Superman? Now there is both great and terrible reasons why these should or should not be connected. Timeline issues, CW actors on film, continuity ect ect.

 Well with all that put aside here is what I believe is a correct representation of the timeline of events that could take place IF DC ever decided to connect CW's The Flash/Arrow to Man of Steel/Batman vs Superman....even through in FOX's upcoming Gotham prequel into the mix as well. (Gotham will not be connected to any other show/movie but was added just because)

This is all based on the current Arrow timeline starting in 2012. Arrow will be working in real time to our timeline with the other events built around it. This is also based on the little information we have on Batman vs Superman. With Batman being an old withered crime fighter long before Superman ect etc.

:: Update :: - Added Green Lantern (2011) to the timeline

:: Update #2 :: - Added NBC's Constantine to the timeline

Some images used are from multiple live-action interpretations of these DC characters.

:: Cast ::
Batman/Bruce Wayne - Ben Affleck
Superman/Clark Kent - Henry Cavill
Wonder Woman/ Diana Prince - Gal Gadot
Arrow/Oliver Queen - Stephen Amell
The Flash/Barry Allen - Grant Gustin
Green Lantern/Hal Jordan - Ryan Reynolds
Aquaman/Author Curry - TBA

18,625 BC - Kryptonian outpost ship crash lands in the Arctic Circle

1,200 BC - Diana Prince/Wonder Woman is born
- Hidden from humans on Themyscira
- Amazons become a Myth

Unknown - Author Curry/Aquaman is Born
- Hidden from humans in Atlantis
- Atlanteans become a Myth

1953 - John Constantine is born in Liverpool, England

1971 - Bruce Wayne/Batman is born

1981 - Bruce Waynes (10) parents are murdered
- Events of Gotham TV Series
-Young James Gordon
- Young Arrow/Gotham Villains appear

 1982 - Kal-El is sent to Earth; Clark Kent crash lands in Kansas

1985 - Oliver Queen/Arrow is Born

1988 - Hal Jordan/Green Lantern is Born

1989 - Barry Allen/The Flash is Born

1997 - Jonathan Kent is killed in a Tornado

1998 - Hal Jordan (10) father is killed in an Jet accident

2001 - Bruce Wayne/Batman (30) returns from the League of Assassins
-  Gotham TV Show ends
- Batman: Year One begins
- Batman is a Myth of Gotham
- Barry Allens (11) mother is Killed

 2007 - Queens Gambit goes missing
- Oliver Queen (22) begins 5 years on the Island

2012 - Oliver Queen (27) returns to Starling City
- Events of Arrow TV Series
- Arrow begins his 5 year crusade on Starling City

2013 - Black Canary and other costumed non-powered heroes exist around the world
-  Barry Allen comes to Starling City
- Slade Wilson/Super Soldiers exist

2014 -  Barry Allen (25) becomes The Flash
- Events of The Flash TV Series
- The Flash is unseen due to his speed

2015 - The alien Invasion of Metropolis
- Events of Man of Steel
- Clark Kent becomes Superman
- Superman (33) is the first superhero to go PUBLIC
- Events of Green Lantern
- Hal Jordan (27) gets his Power Ring; Leaves Earth
- Humans are aware of super powered beings

2016 - Batman (45) learns of other super powered beings identity's
- Events of Batman vs Superman
- Some Superheros become publicity known (The Flash, Green Lantern etc) within their respective cities 
- Diana Prince will leave Themyscira to seek out Superman. Because he is not like other human men.

2017 - Justice League of America created in the wake of super powered beings
- Events of Justice League
- Bruce Wayne (46) has been Batman for 16 years
- Oliver Queen (32) has been Arrow for 5 years
- Barry Allen (28) has been The Flash for 3 years
- Clark Kent (35) has been Superman for 2 years
- Hal Jordan (29) has been Green Lantern for 2 years
- Aquaman/Wonder Woman Join
- End of Arrow 5 year crusade, Arrow Joins JLA

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