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Friday, March 7, 2014

Actress Cassidy Alexa Hints At Being Cast As 'Harley Quinn' on 'Arrow'

A few nights ago we got a new promo for the upcoming episode of Arrow titled Suicide Squad. During the promo a small flash cut showed a prisoner of A.R.G.U.S with oh so familiar pigtails. This lead many to assume that The Joker's crazy girlfriend Harley Quinn maybe making her live-action debut on Arrow. This is coming off the fact that Harley Quinn is also s member of the Suicide Squad in The New 52.

Now I'd like to point out that none of the producers, network or stars of the show have even hinted that, that was indeed Quinn. But an up and coming actress by the name of Cassidy Alexa has seemingly announced that she is indeed Harley Quinn? Her Twitter exploded last night with congratulations from Arrow fans on getting the role.
Again, this is not confirmation of any kind. She may just be playing along. But until we get an announcement from the showrunners or network throw this up as another actor campaigning for a role on Arrow!

:: Mini Update :: -
Comic Book Therapy reached out to the acting agency of Miss. Alexa to make any sense of this.
Cassidy Alexa is getting a lot of heat surrounding her upcoming ‘cameo’ on Arrow. I’m in the dark as to what the producers have planned for her so we’ll have to find out. She’s a very exciting young actress to keep an eye on.

I’m blessed that CW do like to hire my clients. They’ve established a solid presence on the Hollywood North landscape and look to strengthen those ties with new shows, Flash, iZombie and Tribes, which could be a worthy successor to Supernatural.”

Arrow returns March 19th on The CW

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