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Monday, March 10, 2014

According To Sony Pictures There Has Been “No Screenings” Of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2

Earlier today, according to a forum user, (I'm not going to say his name for privacy reasons, as I do believe people deserve some privacy) there was to be a special screening of Sony's latest film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Now for weeks, people (including myself) believed that there was to be a legitimate early screening of Marc Webb's highly anticipated sequel. Now thanks to YouTube user, and Spider-Man fanatic, SevenWebHeads, we have information that the user of the forums was in fact lying. Earlier today Seven posted a video on his YouTube channel, in which he contacted the head of editorials for Sony Pictures, and asked if there was in fact an early screening of the film in Ireland. The head of editorials replied to Seven and said "I have been told this information is false - there have been no screenings in Ireland to date." This is pretty funny, now if you're a Spider-Man fan, it is pretty hilarious that someone had to lie and say how great the film was, instead of, like you and I, waiting for the film to be released? You can check out Seven's video below, he's a great guy and he knows his stuff. So in order to recap: 1) there was no early screening and 2) do not listen to everything you hear on the internet, because most of the time, it's people talking out of their asses. 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theatres everywhere, April 17th.

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