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Friday, February 7, 2014

Will Star-Lord Battle Thanos Alongside The Avengers in 'The Avengers 3'?

Yesterday JoBlo dropped a scoop that Marvel is fast tracking a sequel to their upcoming space epic Guardians of the Galaxy for a 2016 release. Of course this has yet to be announced so take it just as a rumor for now. That being said Mario over at Latino-Review also said he has heard the same thing last month. That Marvel is even considering having at the very least Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) return to fight Thanos alongside all the other Avengers.
Marvel’s high ambitions for the project don’t surprise me, though, since this jives with what a source of mine told me last month. Which was that Marvel fully intends for, at the very least, Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord to be in Avengers 3- which likely wouldn’t come out until 2018. So it makes sense that they’re going to continue to promote and expand these characters for the next few years.
 There was a rumor last year that elmayimbe started from Latino-Review that The Avengers 3 may see all the Marvel Universe heroes (Excluding Sony & FOX Obviously)  will be used to battle Thanos in The Avengers 3. I wonder if this will include The Defenders? Or at the very least Daredevil from The Defenders.

Guardians of the Galaxy hits August 2014

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