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Friday, February 21, 2014


Conventional romantic comedies are possibly some of the worst things you could ever wish to see. But very rarely does a conventional romantic comedy, boast broad and some-what realistic characters. Ironically, the film, That Awkward Moment is actually pretty cool. 

Starring Michael B. Jordan, Zac Efron and Miles Teller, this romantic comedy is no great, new addition to the rather long list of romantic comedies, but where this film succeeds is where other films in this genre often fail. First let's talk about the characters, whilst I was watching the film, I found myself connecting more and more with Miles Teller's character, he's the guy who's always had a friend who was a girl, but wasn't anything more than a friend. He was funny and witty, much like myself. I hope that does not sound as biased as I think it did, anyway, Michael B. Jordan's character is a college grad who was married way too young and Zac Efron plays... Zac Efron. While the characters are not new additions to the genre, the chemistry between the three was undeniable, with The Fantastic Four co-stars Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan really standing out. In fact, if you're one of the guys or gals who is not sure if Fox made the right move casting these two, go watch this and check out their chemistry, it's pretty great.

This film is no (500) Days Of Summer, but it is a lot better than it really should have been, I often found myself finding the jokes to be pretty hard hitting and I found myself laughing more than my date, especially at the viagra scene, that was pretty funny. Isn't being an adolescent fun? But in all seriousness, the dialogue in this film was pretty great. As a guy in his late teens and having many guy friends, this film really nailed how guys talk when girls are not around, we talk like animals, and the writers of this film really understood that, and in turn, I think that made for a much more realistic film. 

While it may be your usual run of the mill, romantic comedy, That Awkward Moment is far better than it really should be. If you're a guy looking for a film to take a date to, why not this one? It's funny, it's some-what realistic, and it's ultimately a realistic take on how guys interact with each other. 

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