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Monday, February 24, 2014

Return of the Benedict Cumbertach and Gary Oldman 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Rumors!

It's been a while since we heard Benedict Cumerbatch name be associated with Star Wars: Episode VII. Today the guys over at MarketShaw 3D have a supposed exclusive on Star Wars: Episode VII. According to their source (Who told them another trilogy was on the way back in 2009 without Lucas) that all the original cast will be back including Hamill, Fisher Ford, Williams, Daniels and Davis. They also add that Gary Oldman and Benedict Cumerbatch are indeed involved:
"Ian McDiarmid, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, Warwick Davies, Benedict Cumberbatch and Gary Oldman. I believe Cumberbatch and Oldman were pursued for the same role, but I don't know how that will work out with the script changes, but I'm told they are both involved."
Now there is some confusion about this report. Some think that both are involved in the same role. While others think they were involved with the same role but were cast as in separate roles.  Time will only tell....They go onto state that more Indiana Jones films were also in Ford's contract which is why he was hesitant to talk about it to the public.
"Regarding Harrison Ford, two more Indiana Jones features are in the negotiation stages as per Ford's contract clause on Star Wars, which is the primary reason he didn't 'publicly' or 'privately' commit, or so I'm told."
They also say the script use to be about The Twins (Solo's)  following in their fathers footsteps. One turning evil and such. Which we knew with Michael Arndt's (Toy Story 3) script but has since been changed:

"Ultimately it's about twins, and which will take a path towards darkness and which will follow in their fathers footsteps, or at least that is what it used to be, that may come later as I think changes are being undertaken to bring the original cast into the forefront of the story leading to ramifications that lead up to the next generation of Skywalkers."

Star Wars: Episode VII hits Winter 2015

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