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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lex Luthors Entire Backstory Revealed in 'Batman vs Superman'?

Last week news broke that Oscar-nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg has been cast as Lex Luthor. This made the world freak out given Lex Luthor has been typically depicted as a buff billionaire of sorts not the physic that Mr. Eisenberg currently has.

Well a small bit of news broke this morning that Lex Luthor will have a "Smallville-esqe" past in his back story. Well @elmayimbe of Latino-Review has dropped some pretty extensive spoilers on Lex Luthors backstory!

:: Possible Spoilers Ahead ::

We start off that Alexander "Lex" Luthor won't inherit LexCorp from his father (In Smallville Linoel Luthor). They are reinventing his entire back story. Lex will be a kid raised on the streets. He joins a gang to survive at 14 and runs the gang by 15. He will have a sleeve tattoo of the Metropolis skyline to show his dedication to the city. He isn't your typical goon though but a genious in innovation and the will to survive.He then becomes a self made billionaire by 18.

And yes he will shave his head!

What is his connection to Bruce Wayne? Bruce Wayne (Played by Ben Affleck) and Lex Luthor hate each other. Bruce sees Lex as a amoral, arrogant brat. Lex sees Bruce as a accident who fell into his money while Lex himself made his fortune.

Where does our Man of Steel (Played by Henry Cavill) play into this? Lex Luthor sees Superman (While viewing the destruction of Metropolis on his screens) as nothing more then an alien trespassing on American soil. While Bruce sees Superman as a exquisite specimen and is just curious of Superman. 

Now even though Bruce and Lex hate each other has individuals Bruce feels that they can put aside their differences to rebuild Metropolis together. Let bygones be bygones for the greater good.

Lastly, Lex Luthor feels that Superman can die...he is not immortal....not a god. While Bruce feels that there is a more civilized and peaceful way to handle this alien.....this god.... 

Batman vs Superman hits May 2016

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