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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kevin Feige Confirms and Debunks the 'Doctor Strange' Rumors

Today IGN sat down with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige about those new Doctor Strange rumors that hit the inter-webs last week. Interestingly enough he confirms and denies the same exact report. He admits that Marvel is currently in search of a director for that project but the names The Hollywood Reporter announced last week are not true at all:
"Well, that article was true that we're meeting a lot of people now. That article was not true about who we're meeting or what level anybody is. But we're actively looking. Of course, of course. We always look at a wide range of people with a wide range of backgrounds. There's only one criteria: do something that we think is really cool. [Laughs] That's about it."
He goes onto say that no Johnny Depp is not involved and that his involvement was a very long time ago. Also, goes onto say that they aren't necessarily looking for a movie star but that's not out of the question either:
"No, no. When you have a project that's been around as long as Doctor Strange, there is sometimes, 'Oh, I've met with Stan about this! Or I did that!' So Strange is one of those projects that predates me by a long shot. Obviously, the character does, but even in its cinematic brewing. So there's a lot of things that have happened before me, and I've been here 14 years. So that's a long time ago. I don't know if that happened then. You know, I would say that we're pretty transparent, right? Doctor Strange would be our -- well, depending on when we make it, it could be our 13th, 14th, 15th movie, right? I think if you're looking to track our decision-making and how we've done things, we have a pretty wide track record now where you can sort of see. So, no, a movie star is not required, but that doesn't mean a movie star wouldn't be great. It just depends."
 Head over to IGN for his reception on the fans reaction of the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer that debuted last week. 

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