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Friday, February 21, 2014

Zack Snyder Wants A Young African-American Actor For Future DC Universe Films

Elmayimbe of Latino-Review dropped a small tidbit today about Batman vs Superman. It seems like forever since last we heard anything. His tidbit was that Zack Snyder is looking for a young mid 20's African-American actor to have a cameo in Batman vs Superman but reappear in future DC Films"
According to sources, the production is currently looking for a black actor in his early 20s who is also physically fit. Here is the kicker though: the part is for a small role in the untitled Batman Vs Superman movie BUT will be recurring in other upcoming DCU films.

The role also shoots for only a couple of days. At first I thought it was some little role but then I also found out that Zack Snyder has met with hot actor Michael B. Jordan for the role.
Of course we now know that Michael B. Jordan can't be in this role given he has signed onto Fantastic Four as Johnny Storm. That being said it does mean he IS looking for an actor of Michael B. Jordan's caliber for this role. But what could this role be?!

Hello Victor Stone! This is complete speculation but based on Henry Cavill stating he has always wanted Cyborg to appear in this DC universe. The Football Scenes shot last year for Batman vs Superman and it being a Mid-20s African-American actor....sounds alot like Cyborg to me!

Batman vs Superman hits Summer 2016

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