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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Drew Pearce Admit's Marvel's Considering 'The Runaways' for TV!

Today Rob Keyes of Screenrant sat down with writer/director Drew Pearce to once again talk about the new One-Shot All Hail The King. The interview then asked if there was any updates on his most beloved script The Runaways. Unfortunately there isn't much going on on the movie front but he does admit Marvel is considering other possibility's

Speaking of films we want is there any update on the Runaways film that brought you into Marvel?
Oh I wish there was an update! No, as it stands at the moment it’s still a script that Kevin, I believe, feels very fondly about. Whether it has a place on the runway of Phase 3 I genuinely don’t know. I wish I could say something more concrete. It’s definitely on a pile, where in the pile it is top to bottom I genuinely don’t know, but it’s a movie that’d I love to see come to fruition. It would be an extremely fresh and original point of view through which to explore the MCU. I really hope someday it happens.
I’ve been following that since Brian K. Vaughan put it out; does it have any chance of it maybe coming to TV or showing up in another Marvel One-Shot?
Who knows maybe, I think it’s very tricky to do a One-Shot of it because the toughest part of making Runaways is casting the under-twenties and getting it right, and that’s going to take some time and you’d never have the resources to do that for a One-Shot. They’ve been talking for TV but my worry about it for TV, and again this is probably above my pay grade too, is that the fact that they are kids predicates a kiddier tone for the show. And I’ve said it a couple of times before but in a ridiculous and grandiose way my model for the tone of the Runaways was always the Godfather rather than a family show. This is about a crime syndicate, truly powerful from the get-go, a deadly crime syndicate, and the realization of a bunch of kids that their parents not only are fallible but are borderline or truly evil. And the idea of being drawn into that is of course integral to the first arch of the Runaway story which [Brian K Vaughan] so brilliantly mapped out. So that was always weirdly my touchstone. I think it would be very hard – I don’t know because I don’t know the people who work at ABC Family or whatever – but I think it would be tough to walk in there and go “I want to make the Godfather.”
Netflix it man! Netflix it!
Yea maybe. But again, it’s that weird thing, and maybe it’s the reason why the Runaways is a tough thing to make it’s very easy to see and very exciting to see how you go “This is Daredevil, this is a Netflix show.” It’s very hard to go “this is a show with a poster with 6 kids on it who are [affiliated with] Marvel but this is a show essentially for grownups.” So I think that’s the trick of Runaways and I think the key is if you do it as a movie you somehow manage to tap into all those things simultaneously. The great thing about casting it would be though is you’d probably be going slightly more unknown with the teenagers. I love the idea that you just cast the shit out the parents in it. You know, the Denzel Washington Runaways would be a truly magnificent way to approach the property.
Ya, I know. It’s good, right! As you could tell I remain truly jazzed about the Runaways to this day but unfortunately my jazzedness has no bearing on whether it gets made.
Head over to Screenrant for the entire interview! Ever sense Marvel teamed up with Netflix to bring the darker side of the Marvel Universe to the fans it's brought hope that maybe Marvel can bring lesser known property's to Netflix as well. If you think about it most of the Netflix series may actually deal with Crim Syndicates in New York. Why not bring the crime lords from LA into the mix as well? They could even do one series for Cloak & Dagger then the other as The Runaways in Phase II of the Marvel Street Universe.

All Hail The King can be seen on the Thor: The Dark World DVD & Blu-Ray out today!

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