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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Will 'Thor 3' Bring On The Wrath of Ragnarok?!

Yesterday Marvel announced that Marvel Executive and Creative Consultant Craig Kyle has been brought on to co-pen the script for Thor 3. We also go word that the outline was completed last year before Thor: The Dark World came out.
Now with Craig Kyle added many have speculated that this might mean we will finally see the Ragnarok storyline up on the big screen. Well today the guys over at HitFix dropped a scoop about the potential storyline.....Bring on Ragnarok!

:: Spoilers Ahead ::
"More importantly, if my sources are correct, the end of "Age Of Ultron" sets up a difficult situation for Thor as Midgard and Asgard find themselves looking at a possible war. Could we be looking at the beginning of Ragnarok, brought on by Loki in the guise of Odin? Could the third film find Thor having to fight against the realm that he's spent so much time defending?"
This isn't the first time Ragnarok has been mentioned. Marvel head Kevin Feige and star Chris Hemsworth in interviews have also mentioned they would love to do that storyline.

Lastly we know that the major Thor villain Amora the Enchantress has a key role in Thor lore but has yet been shown on the big screen. Could we finally see her in Thor 3? One can only hope! After all it seems that Lady Sif will be hunting down her sister Lorelei in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D very soon!

Thor: The Dark World hits DVD & Blu-Ray Next Month!

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