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Saturday, January 4, 2014

New BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Details and More Emerge

The folks over at @BATMANONFILM have been pretty busy getting new info on the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. Principal Photography will start for the film next month according to sources but the site also goes onto reveal new details that us fans have been pondering about for weeks. Take a look at their little Q&A below.


  • Jason Momoa is not playing Aquaman or Martian Manhunter because neither are appearing in the movie.
  • Wonder Woman’s role in the movie will be similar to Scarlett Johansson role as Black Widow in Iron Man 2. It will be a cameo type role that will set her up for her own movie.
  • The Amazons in the film will be descendants of Kryptonians who set up outposts on different planets thousands of years ago. Wonder Woman herself would also be powered down in comparison to Superman since her ancestors have adapted to living on Earth.
  • Expect a look at at Ben Affleck’s Batman suit very soon since principal photography will be starting shortly.
  • Jett assures fans not to worry about this film actually being a Justice League film. This is still primarily a Superman film with Batman and Wonder Woman appearing in it.
  • Jett also believes that we will eventually see another Superman film in the future that doesn’t have other DC characters in it.
  • It’s wishful thinking at this point to assume that the TV show Arrow will be connected to the DC movies.
  • The Batman of this film will based on a healthy amount of DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, a bit of KINGDOM COME, and just a dash of BATMAN BEYOND.
  • No Batman villains in the film.
  • The Basuit will look a little different from what we’re used to. There will probably not be any shades of blue on it, and it will be a kind of Bat-armor with “BATMAN BEYOND/KINGDOM COME sort of capabilities.”

Source: Batman-On-Film

Batman vs Superman hits theaters July 17th 2015

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