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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Warner Bros Going to Extremes to Prevent 'Batman vs Superman' Leaks

One of the number one movies in headlines is Batman vs Superman only second to Star Wars: Episode VII. With some sites leaking suppose information on the film. Well according to The Daily Superhero they are doing this on purpose to find the moles: 
One source says "loose ends" with info leaks are being located and "rounded up" to prevent future leaks once production starts, when scripts are passed out and before the film releases. (Sounds like someone or a few might be fired.) Then, the other source mentioned that security has improved to the point where the production crew have been notified filming scripts will not be made available on a daily basis but only including scenes for that particular day.
 This is pretty extreme.  Don't expect much information to be released given that there isn't any or the sources are to scared to leak anything in fear of being caught. 

Batman vs Superman hits Summer 2015

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