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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Scott Adkins Reveals His Batman Audition for 'Batman vs Superman'

While speaking on the Behind The Mask Presents podcast stunt man turned actor Scott Adkins (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Expendables 2) talked about his upcoming films Ninja: Shadow of a Tear and The Legend of Hercules he also mentions that he did have a audition for Batman in Batman vs Superman that eventually went to Ben Affleck:

"I don't even know if know if I'm allowed to talk about it. Well...yeah. They asked me to audition yeah. So I did [Laughs] as far as it went. I know there was a big campaign about me on the internet which was great for the free publicity. I think its cause Batman is a martial artist isn't it? That's his super power. People have been upset that he hasn't been shown off as the Martial Artist that he should be. So I guess I look like Bruce Wayne. Listen I wasn't crossing my fingers or holding my breathe but it was fun to have the opportunity to audition and have the higher positions look at me. But yeah I never expected for it to happen to me but that whole thing on the internet....yeah I'm flattered."   
 He goes onto praise Ben Affleck as The Dark Knight: 
"But I think Ben Affleck is going to do an amazing job and been a huge fan of his and maybe once I've won an Oscar I'll get the kind of luck he has. Well its not luck is it? He deserves it."

Batman vs Superman smashes into theaters next year!

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