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Thursday, January 16, 2014

'Mad Men's' Jon Hamm Added to the 'Doctor Strange' Shortlist?

This was briefly touched upon on our Hamm and Kunis article yesterday now more information has come forth. Yesterday The Daily Superhero ran an exclsuive story that Marvel Studios is looking at Jon Hamm and Mila Kunis for a possible Marvel Studios role. Well now several other websites have claimed it maybe for Doctor Strange.

According to This Is Infamous Jon Hamm has already taken the role of Sorcerer Supreme:
And for all the conjecture that’s been thrown out about who’d be a good fit in the role, all the jockeying for inclusion in the blossoming MCU by actors and their representation and all the non-stories about meetings that went nowhere, our sources indicate to us that the guy Marvel has set up to play Doctor Stephen Strange is none other than JON HAMM.

That’s right… the man we’ve come to know as MAD MEN’s Don Draper has been cast as the Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Mystic Arts.
 Now personally I don't think he has been cast since the film has never been officially announced by Marvel and a director has been attached to the project. But that is not the only website to claim to have heard whispers about Jon Hamm and Marvel. recently started they have heard whispers:
That’s what we’ve heard, too. We’ve now had two different sources tell us that the ink is already dry on a deal with Hamm, with one saying that he has, in fact, been in line for the gig for about a year.
Also Christopher Marc of Unleash the Fanboy wrote on his personal blog Celluloid and Cigarette Burns heard whispers of Jon Hamm as well.
We at Superhero Movie News have heard he is for a role but it may not be Doctor Strange himself but a role never-the-less.

The point is multiple websites are claiming that Marvel Studios wants Jon Hamm maybe not for Doctor Strange specifically but for a future movie. The actor is currently filming the final season of his hit TV Series Mad Men which would free up the actors schedule considerably. This would upset DC fans given they have fan cast him in both Batman and Superman reboots.

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