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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Has 'Batman vs Superman' Already Begun Production in Detroit? Henry Cavill Spills The Secrets!

Yes this game continues. Over the past several weeks we have learned that Batman vs Superman release date has been delayed 10 months from July 2015 to May 2016. They rumors circulated that WB is considering filming Batman vs Superman and Justice League back-to-back. Then we heard rumors that the script isn't finished and that's the only reason for the delay.

Well, last night we got word that Henry Cavill himself was in Detroit, Michigan last night at some local bars hanging out and taking pictures with fans. Even though WB isn't telling whats going on with Batman vs Superman it seems Superman himself is fine with spilling the secrets! Latino-Review reports:
Okay, fanboy nation, Henry Cavill is in Michigan. Since arriving, he’s been hanging out where common folks are known to dwell. That would be local restaurants, pubs, and the like. But that’s not all. He’s been remarkably loose-lipped about his activities, and a couple of his chance encounters with the local peasants may have revealed some juicy news from up high on DC Entertainment Mountain. As you know, DC and WB have been pretty tight-lipped. Or maybe they’ve been downright confusing (“We’re delaying production to fine-tune!” “NO, WE’RE NOT! THERE ARE NO DELAYS!“). But maybe, just maybe, it’s Cavill himself who will spill the beans we’ve been clamoring for.
 Several things Cavill also mentioned was this:

1.) Principle Photography has begun on Batman vs Superman (At least for him)
2.) Superman will sport a beard (Exiled Superman?)
3.) Henry Cavill will be filming for the next 10 MONTHS! (Justice League?)
4.) Henry Cavill is once again on a strict regime diet

Lets just say Warner Bros is extremely closed lipped about anything to do with Batman vs Superman. But if Batman vs Superman really has begun production expect Ben Affleck as Batman to show up soon! Gal Gadot won't be filming her scenes until May.

Batman vs Superman hits May 2016

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