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Friday, January 24, 2014

'The Raid 2' Director Gareth Evans Would Love To Do a R-Rated 'Iron Fist' Movie

The Raid 2 is currently getting rave reviews over at Sundance this past week. Now Total Film sat down with the director Gareth Evans to ask him if he would ever do a Comic Book Movie. To their suprise he mentions an unknown Marvel property that he would do but with as stipulation:
"My big thing right now is figuring out how to do that action style - and would someone like Marvel let me do a R-rated movie? This isn't me going against PG-13 movies, it's just that the way I shoot action, it doesn't need to be bloody or aggressive or 'stabby stabby' with knives, but it's about when someone swings a punch and there's a connection there, I'm not going to hide that with a camera. I get involved with the guys in that choreography design so I can understand the intricacies of what they've done, so that when I shoot it, what the camera angles should be and the editing should be, it's doing justice to all the work they've put into it. In PG-13 action, you hide the chaos and fill it with sound. That's something I can't do. So [if I made a comic book movie], it'd have to be an R."
 Total Film onto mention Iron Fist would be a good fit in which he answered "Ah yeah, a few people have mentioned that to me before". The next time we see Iron Fist won't be on the big screen but on his Netflix series then The Defenders.

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