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Thursday, January 2, 2014

RUMOR: Dwayne Johnson's Secret DC Role is for Green Lantern in 'Batman vs Superman' ?!

Ok, I think we could all could agree Denzel Washington as John Stewart was never going to happen.Now the guys over at Think McFly Think have heard a tinny tidbit that Dwayne Johnson may be up for John Stewart aka Green Lantern instead! This comes off the hint that Dwayne Johnson was speaking with DC about a future property:
I'd also like to point out they didn't write the story because they don't know how reliable this is given it wasn't from a source but a person-of-a-person. Peter goes onto state he doesn't know if this is for Batman vs Superman or a Solo Flick. Either way DC may be soft-rebooting the Green Lantern franchise by moving on from Ryan Reynolds Hal Jordan to John Stewart alot like The Incredible Hulk. They will acknowledge the events of the first Green Lantern but move onto another Lantern like John Stewart!  Also yesterday it was reported that Batman vs Superman news is on complete lock down so things don't leak so take with a massive grain of salt. So is this Justice League yet?!
Again take with a grain of salt but expect some more announcements with filming starting very very soon!

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