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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'Wolverine' Actor Hugh Jackman In Talks To Play 'Blackbeard' In PAN

Another decade, another Peter Pan film. In this origin story reboot, Peter Pan will collide with the evil, pirate, Blackbeard. Warner Bros have gone after every big name in the book, after offering the role to Skyfall star, Javier Bardem, Variety is now reporting that The Wolverine star, Hugh Jackman will tackle the role. While Blackbeard may be new to some Peter Pan fans, Pan's famous enemy, Captain Hook, will make an appearance in this new film. Variety reports that the character will be an ally of Peter Pan's before turning completely evil, the studio offered Drive star, Ryan Gosling the role, but apparently he turned the role down. Director Joe Wright's (Hanna) new take on Peter Pan will showcase the titular hero as an orphaned young boy who is taken to the wonderful land of Neverland and becomes the hero, the people need, but not the one they deserve. See what I did there? In other news, if you're reading this, and are interested in playing Peter Pan, the studio is currently holding open auditions for the coveted role.

SOURCE: Variety

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