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Thursday, December 5, 2013

'Justice League' to be the United Nations of Comic Book Movies?

Today the guys over at Think McFly Think (Who broke the Gotham TV Show) dropped a new rumor about none other then the Justice League movie! I know right finally something not about Batman vs Superman. They dropped that Justice League is going to sorta be like the 'United Nations' of comic book films having multiple ethnicity's playing the roles of our favorite DC Heroes:
"The concept we’ve heard plays Superman represents the world as a whole (Being an immigrant of Earth he speaks for everyone), Batman would represent the United States with the American Affleck in the cape-and-cowl with the Flash possibly portrayed by an Hispanic or Laitno actor and as we saw announced yesterday an Wonder Woman played by an Israeli."
Oh how I can hear the Speedy Gonzalez jokes now. Never-the-less take with a massive grain of salt given we haven't even gotten to Batman vs Superman yet! The site goes onto state a smaller Lex Luthor casting rumor that DC wanted Denzel Washington but nothing ever happened. Then they wanted Idris Elba but due to his contract with Marvel's Thor (Same thing happened with Jaimie Alexander) he couldn't ever do it. Since these are simply actors who passed on roles it didn't need to be its own article. They due explicated state this doesn't mean Lex Luthor is going to be African-American.

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