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Monday, December 9, 2013

[FANMADE] Picture Gal Gadot as 'Wonder Woman'

After news broke last week that Gal Gadot would be portraying Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman vs Superman the internet went into Rage Mode. Much like Ben Affleck like Batman they complained about her appearance acting ability....boob size...ect ect. Now given that shes only really been in 3 Fast and Furious movies as a supporting character I can understand the acting side might frighten people but her appearance seems a little sexist.

Yes we all would love the body of a Gina Carano with the face of Jaimie Alexander for our ideal Wonder Woman but that was never going to happen. I'd like to also point out that Jaimie Alexander wasn't a known actress before the Thor films either. She guest stared on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia but that's about it. Also she isn't a big girl at all. Shes actually the same size as Gal Gadot. It was her Asgardian Armor and how she presented herself on screen that made her the ideal woman superhero. Now that being said back to Gal Gadot....someone has Photoshopped a picture of Gadot in the Wonder Woman armor to give you an idea on how she would look. By the way she may not even be in the Wonder Woman armor until Justice League in like 4 years. Keep that in mind:

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Batman vs Superman hits Summer 2015

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