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Saturday, December 14, 2013

EDITORIAL: Top 5 Comic Book Characters I Would Like to See on Netflix

Once again I come to you to talk about one of the best inventions since VHS tapes: Netflix! This week, I'm going to reveal which 5 comic book characters I would like to see Netflix turn into a "Netflix Original" in the wake of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones getting their own series' which will merge with The Defenders. So let's start with pick Number 5!

5. Wonder Woman

My first pick is one of the top superheroes of the DC Universe: Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman has been around for over 70 years, has had a made-for-TV-movie, a live-action TV series, numerous comic books, and animated film, a part in numerous other animated films/series, and a few failed pilots as well. Although the demand for Wonder Woman is not as great as say, Batman, Superman, or Spider-Man (the three biggest superheroes out there), there most certainly is demand for Wonder Woman out there.

With Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film (which feels more like Justice League at this point), I doubt the character would ever make her way to Netflix, but I believe it would work better than a film. We've said it before and we'll say it again, in this day-and-age, a Wonder Woman film would not work, no matter how much we (myself included) would want it too. That being said, if a character like Jessica Jones is getting a Netflix series, how hard would it be for us to get one for Diana Prince? 

In fact, if we only had Wonder Woman in team-up films and then had her on her own Netflix series, there would be no need for a movie, especially with all that Wonder Woman material right in front of our faces. Like I said, this'll most-likely never happen, but I think right now it would be Warner Brothers' best option for the character, specially with her 75th coming up in a few years...

4. The Incredible Hulk

Another character in high demand, and one who actually had a television series around the same time as Wonder Woman back in the day, The Incredible Hulk!

I love the Hulk. My first comic book was a Hulk comic and I will cherish it forever. As a Hulk fan, I hate/love certain aspects of Ang Lee's Hulk and I absolutely love The Incredible Hulk film. His role in The Avengers was fantastic, though I think that Edward Norton still makes a better Bruce Banner than Mark Ruffalo. Either way, the point is, I want more Hulk.

It doesn't look like we will be getting a new solo Hulk film any time soon. This means no answers to what became of the Leader, no more Hulk/Abomination fights, and never one reference to Rick Jones. This all being said, we're not getting a second (or third if you look at it that way) Hulk film, at least for the next Phase or two. So instead, seeming as the audience loves the character and Marvel was trying to launch a new Hulk show anyway, why not put the character on Netflix? You can cast someone else as Bruce Banner or stick with Ruffalo, it doesn't matter, but it would be a great way to flush out some new plot-lines with the character, including more with Betty Ross, more with Leonard Sampson and General Ross, The Leader, and maybe, just maybe, we could finally see Rick Jones in the MCU!

I think the Hulk would make a fantastic Netflix Original Series and with Disney now behind Marvel, it's not like they can't afford it...

3. Nightwing

Here's a character that I think everyone can agree would make a good live-action TV series, whether on Netflix or not: Nightwing! Dick Grayson is an extremely important character in the DC Universe. He's been leader of the Teen Titans, Titans, and the Justice League of America, he was the first Robin and the second (official) Batman. Though Dick has always felt most comfortable with being Nightwing. 

A Nightwing series would work for numerous reasons. First off, it doesn't have to take place in Gotham, in fact it's almost better if it doesn't! It could take place in Bludhaven, Chicago, or even New York City as Nightwing has been based in all of those places. You wouldn't have to have a huge cast either, mainly just Nightwing and you could give him a friend or two. I would also throw Barbara Gordon in there either as a retired Batgirl or as Oracle (I'd choose Oracle) so that he has someone on his team to help him out. Obviously, you wouldn't include Batman all to much as this series could easily take place after all fall-out between both heroes and when he does appear it would only be in a cameo fashion. 

This series could also take place in the DCCU as it may explain the time between when Dick left Bruce years before Batman vs. Superman. If that's the case, you could easily get people to watch this show, if not for just Nightwing alone!

2. Snake Eyes

Now, technically this character wasn't originally a comic book hero, but he certainly has enough of them to let that slide, Snake Eyes is my 2nd pick for a Netflix Original Series!

The beauty of making a Snake Eyes series is that you could easily structure it like Arrow in the sense that you would have the classic Snake Eyes that we all know and love fighting Cobra and other ninjas on foreign soil while also having flashbacks to Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow being trained by Hard Master in the past and the aftermath of that leading up to the moment where Storm Shadow betrays his father for Cobra Commander. It would be a  great way to structure this series.

I would love to see more of live-action Snake Eyes. He was the best part of G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra and was definitely my favorite part of the infinitely better sequel G.I. Joe: Retaliation! Would it be hard having a main character who does not speak? Yes, it definitely would, but that's why you could add characters like Jinx or Scarlett and make sure that he has enough supporting character that can help explain situations as well as one's who will add to his mission (like Diggle and Felicity on Arrow) as opposed to being a hindrance (like Skye on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.).

Ultimately, a Snake Eyes series on Netflix would be amazing and it's extremely hard for me not to place this character at Number 1 because I can see the series in my head as I type this, and it seems amazing.

1. The Question

Didn't see that one coming did ya? The Question, Vic Sage, is my Number 1 pick in terms of who I would love to see as a Netflix Original Series! From his amazing run on Justice League Unlimited to the fact that he was what inspired fan-favorite Watchmen character Rorschach, The Question is definitely a character that I would love to see in live-action. 

We'd obviously be going the Post-Crisis route, no "Trinity of Sin" stuff, just pure Vic Sage. He would be a lot like Fox Mulder from The X-Files, a man who witnessed something terrible once and then decided to search for the truth. However, in order to expose these government conspiracies, he needs help inside of local law-enforcement. Meet Renee Montoya! We could of course have Helena Bertinelli, a woman on the inside of political corruption who wants to also bring it down, aka the Huntress be a supporting character as well. I would say that we could make Lex Luthor the main villain, but since that would never work, I'd go with none-other than the character that actually inspired the Question himself, Mr. A. Mr. A was always more of an anti-hero character, but seeing as how he doesn't have as big a fan/cult-following as the Question, I could easily see him working as a villain for our hero. 

Ultimately, the Question would be a very interesting series for Netflix to do, but I think it would get people interested in more obscure and deeper comics than just Batman, Superman, X-Men, and Spider-Man. Not that there's anything wrong with those characters at all, there most certainly is not, but it would be nice to give lesser-known heroes (much like Arrow is doing) the spotlight for a change.

Runner's Up

All-New/Original X-Men - Who wouldn't want to see Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Beast, and Iceman in live-action on Netflix? I mean really? Again, would NEVER happen, but it'd still be cool!

Cyborg - Why not? They use him for everything now, and at least this could be interesting...

Elongated Man - Just read Identity Crisis... Sounds stupid, but I think it would be awesome...

Aquaman - He's been on TV before, I'd love to see him in live-action again!

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