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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Comics: Preview of Jonathan Hickman's Avengers World #1

One of the All-New Marvel NOW! titles I am looking most forward to picking up is Avengers World. Following the events of Infinity, the Avengers are now galactic heroes and their roster and responsibilities have expanded, so much that they'll get two titles now!  After the jump we'll get a glimpse at the main focus of the title and some previews of the art from the first issue

I had been under the assumption that while it would crossover with the current Avengers book, given the fact that Jonathan Hickman will be writing both titles, it might be a place for some of the under-utilized members of the group to see some action.  According to Marvel editor Tom Brevoort, who spoke with Crave Online, the book will do just that. Brevoort says that even though the book will be open to the entire roster, the creative team will "specifically be looking to give greater screen time to some of the newer Avengers, like Hyperion, Smasher, Cannonball, Shang-Chi, Starbrand and Sunspot."

I'm all for more time for Hyperion, whose story was definitely set aside for Infinity, and Shang-Chi, who I recently found out was a character Marvel looked into developing into a feature film at one point. I've been very curious what they'd do with Starbrand and now, it seems, we'll get to see him developing his powers.  The artwork below gives us a peak at each of those characters and the variant cover for Avengers World #1 which will be published in early January.

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