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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Andrew Garfield NOT Involved With "THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN 4"???

Earlier this year, Sony Pictures went ahead to confirm the release dates of The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (May 2016) and (surprisingly)The Amazing Spider-Man 4 (May 2018) with Andrew Garfield to star as the title character. Today, Garfield goes on the record to say that he is NOT involved with the upcoming fourth installment.

 "I mean I’m under contract for another one after this… as far as a fourth one? That's not anything to do with me," he told Yahoo!. "But yeah, I think what we’re doing here is we've established the world. And now we get to really play inside that world." “Use our imagination, and kind of expand. That’s what this film is.”

 Garfield goes on to talk about how they expanded the second film from the first on reintroducing the character.

"I think there was something missing in the first one because our focus wasn't on character as much we were trying to keep a number of plates spinning in the air – How can we reintroduce the character? How do we not upset this guy or this guy? That was a tough wasteland we had to move through. Now we could say, 'who is this guy?' How can we best serve Spider-Man?'"

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters on May 2nd 2014

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