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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WHAT IF: 'Batman vs Superman' is secretly titled 'Justice League' all along?!

Today news broke the inter-webs when it was announced that Gal Gadot will be playing Wonder Woman in the first film incarnation of the character in Batman vs Superman. Then while Variety reported on the Gal Gadot casting news they also dropped that The Flash is a lock to make an appearance in Batman vs Superman also! Also add Henry Cavill's recent comments about Cyborg would be great addition to DC Cinematic Universe and the rumor that Nightwing may have a supporting role in the film also...what could it all mean?

This lead many to wonder why is it called Batman vs Superman if you add The Flash and Wonder Woman?! Might as well call it Justice League! Well what if that was the plan all along....

Back in July when Zack Snyder made the announcement about the sequel to Man of Steel was coming a small video played that showed Superman Shield with a Bat Logo in front of it. Nothing else. No title. So right off the bat we all assumed Worlds Finest movie with Batman vs Superman! Well why didn't they have a title? Why announce a film without a title?

 Now a few weeks ago some domain names was registered that still hinted to a Batman vs Superman film with titles like Man of Steel: Knight Falls. Most of the fans and press mostly hated the names with a few exceptions if the HAD to pick one. Yet still no officially announcement on the actual title...

Now let me take you back an entire year before Man of Steel even came out when the rumor first dropped that Warner Bros was looking at Ben Affleck to direct and star in a Justice League film written by Will Beall (Gangster Squad). Affleck himself immediately shot down the rumor stating he doesn't ever want to be in a superhero film after Daredevil (2004). Fast forward a year and the same guy is cast as Batman in none other then the Man of Steel sequel!

Another thing that would lead to this potential major secret is another rumor from June. Back after Man of Steel started smashing major box office numbers a rumor went out that WB was hard at work rushing a Justice League movie for 2015 to compete against The Avengers 2. The rumor also goes onto say that WB wanted to do the opposite of Marvel and make a Team-Up film first then break off into Solo adventures. Neither was ever debunked. This was only 2 months before it was even announced Man of Steel was having a sequel at Comic-Con. Around the same time of this 2015 Justice League rumor another rumor went out that Will Bealls Justice League script was so terrible that WB had thrown it out and was having David Goyer (Man of Steel)  write the script from scratch.

Has Zack Snyder, David Goyer and Warner Bros been planning a Justice League as far back as 2012? This could potentially be the biggest kept secret in film history and the biggest misdirection a studio has ever given fans! Until we know what the official title is for Man of Steel 2/Batman vs Superman we can't be sure whats going on but with the inclusion of all these Justice Leaguers do you really think its a simple Worlds Finest film anymore?

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