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Monday, December 30, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Page from 'The Flash' Script Which Features a Famous 'Justice League' Member Cameo


We at Superhero Movie News have exclusively gotten our hands on the current draft of The Flash movie script. This draft was written in 2011 by Marc Guggenheim (Arrow, Green Lantern) and Micheal Green (Green Lantern). With the story by Greg Berlanti (Arrow). Greg Berlanti is also long rumored to direct.

Today we are going to show you a brand new leaked page from the screenplay that shows a famous Justice Leaguer appear to The Flash at the end of the movie during the infamous Post-Credit Scene. The only reason we are showing you this is because it does not pertain to the actual story or origin of The Flash throughout the current script:

(The script has also been verified by someone who already had the script.Also the script matches up with the page El Mayimbe of Latino-Review leaked a few months ago.)

Having Green Lantern show up in The Flash shouldn't be a huge surprise given its the same writers as the Green Lantern the movie. Presumable Ryan Reynolds would returned as Hal Jordan.

Make sure you check back here at Superhero Movie News tomorrow on New Years Eve for our exclusive spoiler-ific review of The Flash written by our own Michael J Petty. (@MJPETTY7)


Reminder: To keep the integrity of Superhero Movie News and the writers involved with The Flash script we WILL NOT be leaking the script online for public download. This being that the film is still in active development as far as we know over at Warner Bros. This is out of respect for everyone involved on the film. But again make sure you come back to SMN for our review of the script anyway!

P.S The script was beyond awesome!

The Flash is rumored to hit in 2016

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