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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

'Arrow' Producer Andrew Kreisberg Doesn't Deny Nightwing Rumor

For weeks now actor Steven McQueen (The Vampire Diaraies) has been posting Nightwing hints as well as tweeting lots of things about The CW's Arrow. Well  now Comic Book Resources has asked Arrow producer Andrew Kreisberg could we see Nightwing show up in Arrow:
He definitely picked the right guy to get me interested, because Nightwing’s my favorite. I don’t know. Twitter’s interesting.
 Whats interesting is Nightwing is just as important as Batman in terms of legal use on TV. For the longest time  Batman and the Bat-Family has been completely off limits to TV. Now the fact the producer of Arrow didn't come straight out to say "No Nightwing is off limits" is very interesting. This could also push the Red Hood showing up on Arrow rumor a little bit further also! Steven McQueen may not end up being Nightwing.....but we could see Bludhaven's protector show up in Starling City!

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