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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shortlist of Actors for Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese in 'Terminator 5'

According to Schmoes Know they have revealed which Actors are currently on the shortlist to play Sarah & John Connor in Terminator 5!

Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), Brie Larson (21 Jump Street) and Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wallstreet) are up for Sarah Connor. With Boyd Holbrook (The Host) and Garrett Hedlund (Tron: Legacy) up for John Connor.

Based on this list it doesn't make much sense since Sarah is John Connors mother and all these actors and actresses are around the same age? Never-the-less are you happy with these potential leads?

Terminator 5 is slated for a 2015 release

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