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Friday, November 1, 2013

RUMOUR: THOR's Jaimie Alexander Has Had Conversations With Warner Bros. For BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

What a wild ride it has been for Thor's Jaimie Alexander. A few months ago I started watching a little show called, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and I was shocked, let me repeat, shocked, when I saw Alexander make a brief guest appearance in season 3. From her guest role in that show, to being a main attraction to the upcoming Thor: The Dark World, Jaimie's career has finally taken off, and she's not done yet. According to Forbes comic book blogger, Mark Hughes (not the former Manchester City manager, cause he'd probably ruin Forbes aswell.) he chatted with Jamie at Stan Lee's Comikaze Convention this past Friday. Hughes posted on his Twitter account, quote; "Jaimie Alexander has been having "conversations" w/ WB/DC. She also knows things a/b BATMAN VS SUPERMAN's story. Do the math..." While this could mean nothing, it doesn't seem like nothing. Alexander has been a fan favourite for the role of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman for quite some time now, and with Angelina Jolie not getting any younger, it seems we may have to settle for Jaimie... Like that's a bad thing. How would you guys and gals feel about Jaimie Alexander taking on the covered role of Wonder Woman? Alexander also confirmed a Thor 3 is on it's way, but on the Wonder Woman rumour. Let me just say... Bring it.

Source: Mark Hughes

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