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Monday, November 11, 2013

RUMOR: Will Ultron Also Be Created With an Infinity Stone?!

Now that the US version of Thor: The Dark World is premiered we can talk about the spoilers from the infamous post-credit scene (Well mid-credit). If you don't want to get spoiled then do not read further.

:: Spoiler Warning ::

During the mid-credit scene of Thor: The Dark World Lady Sif and Volstagg come before The Collector (Benico del Toro) and present him with The Aether stating its to much power to have that and the Tessrect on one world. It was then revealed that both the Tessreact and the Aether are both actually Infinity Stones from the Infinity Gauntlet something Thanos is currently after...

Several months ago when it was revealed that Ultron was going to be the villain in The Avengers 2 many assumed Hank Pym would be building him. That was instantly shot down by Joss Whedon stating that this will be an original concept and origin story revolving around Ultron. Now the guys over at The Daily Superhero have learned exclusively what one of the next Infinity Stones might be:
"I wanted to wait and share this info with you until after Thor 2 came out in the U.S. because it is about the newly revealed Infinity Stones. A contact of mine told me Joss Whedon may be using the Soul Stone to help create Ultron in Avengers 2."

That right folks; Ultron may be also associated in some fashion with the Soul Stone! If some of you don;t know their is actually 6 Stones that have to be used on the Infinity Gauntlet.

It has been revealed recently that the Tesseract is also an Infinity Stone. It was the only way Thor (And Loki) could return to Asgard and was revealed to be the Space Stone. Now in Thor: The Dark World Jane Foster finds The Aether which is later revealed to be the Power Stone. Now many have speculated (But no where confirmed) that Loki's Staff  (Handed down by Thanos) maybe yet another stone which was used to mind control Erik Selvig and Hawkeye i.e the Mind Stone.

Now with this new rumor it may explain how the Soul Stone fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What is left is the Reality Stone & Time Stone which one will most likely show up in Guardians of the Galaxy. Of course the only stones that are confirmed is the Power Stone and Space Stone.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron hits May 2015

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