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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

PARKS & REC Star Nick Offerman Reveals His Dream Roles & His Audition For Wolverine!

Image Credit: Boston Globe
Parks & Recreation is one of the best shows on telly since The Inbetweeners ended. Star, Nick Offerman, has been a fan favourite for quite a number of comic book movie roles and earlier today Offerman revealed that he had auditioned for the role of 'Logan/Wolverine' in 2000's X-Men. The role that of course went to Hugh Jackman, was almost Ron F***ing Swanson's, imagine that... Awesome. On the audition Offerman said "You know actually, I auditioned for Wolverine when Bryan Singer made the first X-Men movie. I went on tape reading for that role. I always felt when I was younger, I could have taken a good crack at Wolverine." Despite this dream not coming true, Offerman reveals that he has another comic book movie role he'd like to give a shot, and with a reboot set to hit theatres in 2015, this dream could become a reality. The role I am talking about is of course Wonder Woman... Wait, no, it's actually The Thing from The Fantastic Four. Offerman is apparently a huge fan of The Thing saying "But I’ve always gravitated toward Ben Grimm, The Thing of the Fantastic Four. The most great superheroes I think too highly of to dishonour them by casting myself in their shoes. I tend to prefer the more modern teams of misfits." 

While I personally feel Nick 'Swanson' Offerman should be cast as J.J Jameson in The Amazing Sider-Man 3, I would not complain if Offerman was cast as Ben Grimm/The Thing... Heck, cast Offerman as everyone, you need a Venom? Offerman, you need a new Ghost Rider? Offerman, you need a new Howard The Duck? Nick Offerman. Anyway, you can check out the full interview over at Newsarama. You can catch Nick Offerman on Parks & Recreation only on NBC.

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