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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Michael Biehn Won't Return for 'Terminator 5'

A month or two ago a report went out that the studio may ask Linda Hamilton & Michael Biehn to return for the upcoming Terminator 5. Well,today fansite TheTerminatorFans reached out to Biehns representative to ask for an official word and apparently he didn't even know a reboot was in the works:
“He has never heard of the remake or been contacted. The return of Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton in the next Terminator movie were just rumors in the first place, but if they are making it and leaked that he may be doing it with Linda (the reboot),  then these were just rumors to him as he has never even spoke to anyone.”
 This really shouldn't be much a surprise given  that we have a shortlist of actors up for the role of both John and Sarah Conner's. The list all includes mid-twenty year olds for both roles. Yes that sounds weird since they are Mother and Son but the story may have an older John go back to protect his Younger mother....think Back to the Future.

Terminator 5 is scheduled to hit summer 2015

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