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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Is 'Arrows' Stephen Amell Teasing a 'Justice League' Crossover?!

This wouldn't be the first time an actor took to a social media outlet to send cryptic messages to their fans (Looking at you Mr.Diesel). Well today actor Stephen Amell upload a comic book cover to his Facebook account with Green Arrow's crossover with Justice League of America.

Now normally this wouldn't mean anything but lets face it ever since Marvel started to crossover their property's we all have wondered when will DC! With the major success of The CW's Arrow many have wondered will it crossover with the newly established Man of Steel Universe?.....Is Amell telling us something or just being trolling us?! In past interviews Amell was adamant on maybe one day he would get to grace the screens with Affleck and Cavill in a JLA movie. I mean come on wouldn't you want Manu Bennets Slade Wilson from Arrow to take on Ben Afflecks Batman?!

Cavill and Amell are buddy/buddy after all....
 Arrow hits every Wednesday on The CW

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