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Monday, November 25, 2013

First Official Look At Optimus Prime From TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION

Michael Bay's Transformers franchise is responsible for many things, Megan Fox, Shia LaBeouf becoming an ass and Chevrolet. Earlier today, Empire Magazine showcased the brand new and revamped Optimus Prime from next year's Transformers film, Age Of Extinction. While some have called the film a reboot, the film will take place 5-10 years after the events of Dark Of The Moon, and will feature brand new characters. Honestly, I am a fan of this new Optimus Prime, I don't really care that much about how he looks, but if this is how he's going to look? Fine, fantastic, good luck to 'em. You can check out Transformers: Age Of Extinction star, Jack Reynor in Vince Vaughn's new movie, Delivery Man (out in theatres now) or you can wait until June to see him bust up some robot ass. 

Transformers: Age Of Extinction hits theatres June 2014.

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