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Saturday, November 9, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Two More Names Pop Up For Nightwing Role In BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

Earlier this week an interesting rumour dropped regarding the DC Comics character, Nightwing, appearing in the upcoming Man Of Steel sequel, Batman Vs. Superman. Then two days later, it was revealed that Girls star, Adam Driver was one of the many actors on the shortlist for the covered role. Two months ago, I posted a exclusive revealing who Marvel were looking at to play the role of Janet Van Dyne (who later becomes The Wasp) in Marvel’s Ant-Man, which The Schmoes Know confirmed a week later. Now, my source strikes again! This time revealing how many actors are on the shortlist for Nightwing and two actors who are seriously being looked at, read on for more! As said earlier, my source has told me to not reveal his/her real name. Now, if you asked me two months ago, ‘would you want to see Nightwing in Batman Vs. Superman?’ I would have laughed and given a solid, ‘are you serious?’ but now ladies and gentlemen, it appears Nightwing will in fact feature in the film, and earlier today I was notified who else is on the shortlist for the role. The shortlist apparently consists of six actors. One of these actors have been a fan favourite for the role for quite some time now and the other actor is a rather interesting choice, but let’s start with choice number one.

The first of the two rumoured men to be circling the Nightwing role is none other than Gossip Girl alum, Penn Badgley. Badgley hasn’t done much since revealing that he was in fact ‘the’ Gossip Girl. Jokes aside, the studio is seriously looking at Badgley for the role of Dick Grayson/Nightwing in the film and beyond. Badgley is a fan of Batman, and has worked with the studio before, and after his dramatic turn in the film, Greetings From Tim Buckley, it is obvious the studio wants to snap him up before anyone else does.

Now, the second rumoured man for the role is one actor I feel is about to burst on to everyone’s radars. Last year a small romantic dramady came out starring Logan Lerman, Paul Rudd & Emma Watson. Anyone guess what film that was? It was The Perks Of Being A Wallflower; my source has revealed to me that Ezra Miller, who played Patrick, the gay best friend of Logan Lerman’s Charlie, is circling the role. Ezra Miller also appeared in the film, We Need To Talk About Kevin. Miller matches the rumoured ‘young John Hawkes type’ sidekick role Warner Bros’ were looking for, but does his young age limit his chances? 

It is obvious that the three rumoured men at the moment, are all extremely talented, but only one man will play Nightwing, so out of the three rumoured men so far, those being, Adam Driver, Penn Badgley and Ezra Miller, who is your choice for the role of Dick Grayson/Nightwing in Batman Vs. Superman? Comment below and let us know! And be sure to share this info with your friends on Twitter and Facebook! As always, you can follow me on Twitter (@RobDogg_).

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