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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

'Doctor Whos' Matt Smith & 'X-Mens' Jason Flemyng Up for 'Star Wars: Episode VII' ?

Both these news stories dropped at the same time. X-Men: First Class actor Jason Fleyming recently tweeted a photo of him reading over the supposed Star Wars script. Now before the internet freaks out like they did over The Bieber we must remember the power of Photoshop. Now of he does have the script this may have not been the smartest move. It seems when it comes to Star Wars if you talk to much about it you end up not being cast....look at Saroise Ronan. But judge for yourself...

Now onto a juicy rumor. According to Bleeding Cool's sources it seemed that Doctor Whos Matt Smith may be called up for Star Wars bad guy role!
Right now this is just gossip but it comes from a fairly well-placed source. We’re hearing that Matt Smith went in for a role in Star Wars Episode VII. We don’t know if that means he had an audition, a screen test or just a chat with JJ Abrams or George Lucas, but it’s another case of fandoms colliding.
 They go onto say they believe Benedict Cumberbatch is still the front runner for the role but Matt Smith is a very close second. 

Just add this to the very long list of actors up for Star Wars.....

Star Wars: Episode VII hits Winter 2015

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