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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DC Comics Confirms Five TV Shows In Development!

DC officially confirmed several live-action TV shows in development during this week’s DC All Access! Some of these shows have already been confirmed by press reports, but now we have official confirmation from DC that the following shows are in development:

'The Flash'

This Arrow spin-off has actually already been confirmed by press reports but DC has just officially announced it's development! Not sure I want Grant Gustin for the lead role of The Flash until I see him portray the character (Barry Allen) on Arrow. Let's hope it's great!


The rumored Commissioner Gordon show titled Gotham has also been finally confirmed to be in development. I think we can all agree that Bryan Cranston is perfect for the lead role of Commisoner Gordon. After The Flash, this is the show I'm anticipating the most. 


Oh, the conman who dabbles in sorcery and the supernatural . Constantine is a gritty character who’s about as far on the magic-using spectrum from Harry Potter and Gandalf as you can get! In development for NBC!


A DC live-action show based on a character who isn't popular? I can dig that, and respect it. I'm looking forward to Hourman! In development for The CW!


No, this isn't a Walking Dead version of iCarly. (Was that funny? No? Ok). Anyways, iZombie promises to be "...a lot different than the other zombie shows and movies out there should it make it to series", DC's offical site states. Currently in development for The CW

As for releases dates, nothing specific yet. DC states they'll "Hopefully be making it to the fall TV schedule".

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