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Friday, November 15, 2013

DEBUNKED: Allegedly Real WONDER TWINS Movie Poster Hits


Earlier today, New York bred, Midtown Comics posted a poster for the Warner Bros/DC Comics feature film, Wonder Twins, featuring Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis in the title roles. The popular comic book shop posted on their Twitter Photo: This poster was sent to us in an official Warner Bros tube. What does it mean?! #WonderTwins ?” When people started doubting the poster, Midtown posted “Here’s the Wonder Twins poster with the @WarnerBrosEnt poster tube it was sent to us in. Seems legit…” Now, before you lose it and go complain how Warner Bros doesn’t take their properties seriously, in my eyes, I think the poster is completely fake, but it does raise some interesting questions. Back in season two of the popular HBO television show, Entourage, the main character, Vincent Chase was cast as Aquaman in a fictional film directed by James Cameron. Why bring up Entourage? Well, according to some sites, this poster has something to do with the Entourage film Warner Bros are planning. While the idea is hilarious, a comedy film based on the Wonder Twins featuring Kutcher and Kunis could actually be pretty funny. Tell us what you think below, do you think this poster is so for the Entourage movie? Or do you think this is just a joke published by Midtown? 

:: Update :: - Jon Schnepp of AMC Movie Talk debunks he has the Same Exact Poster that he got at Comikaze 2013 a few weeks back.

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